Brand New to Domain Name Investing? Watch this “Domain Name Primer”!

Excellent short video (9 min) for anyone brand new to domain names and domain name investing — simple how-to on registering your first one!

All you need now is a little imagination and perseverance!!!

First, go to¬† to find all domain names available for investing. See the “find your domain name” search box on the upper right column? Type in any domain name you think might be worth something and click the “Find Now” button. Is your first one taken? Try another.

I can spend a couple of hours here trying out different names, different combinations, till I hit on one or two that I think might go the distance.

Remember that .com names are the most valuable. Unless you can get, of course! There are a million good combos out there. You just need to start typing in names in that box!!!

When you find a couple of good names that look like they might be worth something, buy them. Right now, domain names are about $12/year.

Yeah, I know: for a $12 investment, people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars on the reselling of one domain name. This is the very definition of low risk high reward investing!

OK, So What Do I Do With This Domain Name?

You have three options:

1. Park it with They will make it into a “link farm”: a page filled with links related to the name. When a person searching the web finds your page in a search and clicks on one of the links, you and Lunarpages will share a commission. (Don’t know how to park it? Click the “live chat” link above the domain search box, and CS will do it for you!)

2. Set up a one page blog and fill it with affiliate links and PPC ads. (Don’t worry, there’s a post coming on how to do this!)

For a domain name to be most valuable — unless it’s a of a good one right off the bat — it needs history. So you spend a little time searching for a good name, get it set up, then don’t touch it again except to cash the checks. (I love that part!)

With the first two options, you are “seasoning” your domain name: giving it time to generate some traffic history and age before you sell it. Heck, if you end up making steady money, maybe you’ll keep it.

3. If you snagged a, go ahead and place your domain name for sale! Domain names are sold by auction, with a “Buy It Now” price. I use They’ve been in business for years, they’ve got a good system, good traffic and a trusted name, plus they offer domain name appraisals.

You’ll find out about more about the different domain name investing auction sites in a future post. For now, will treat you right!

Here’s the #1 Tip For Business Success

Persistence. Nothing pays like persistence. Keep at it, you will make money.

More tips on how to recognize those gems in future posts! Today’s video is enough for one day… poco a poco!

Happy Investing,

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