“Internet Real Estate”?

You’ll hear the term “Internet Real Estate” in the world of domain name investing. Internet Real Estate is simply another label for a Domain Name. For example, equitydomain.com, ebay.com, tshirtcrusade.com, amazon.com are all domain names. They are also, separately and in a group, known as “internet real estate.”

Domain names are the most valuable commodity on the internet.

  1. First of all, they can be valuable in their own right: just having the right name can be worth $1000s!
  2. Attached to a killer site, the value sky-rockets.
  3. Add steady, reliable heavy traffic and you have the Trump Tower of Internet Real Estate!

Ok, maybe Trump Tower is not a good example of killer real estate these days. But you get the picture.

Many people ask me, “How can someone own a domain name? How does that work?” Guess what — it is really simple. You will learn step by step how this can be accomplished!

For now, in a nutshell, you just need to understand that internet real estate works a lot like physical real estate. Once you’ve bought a domain name, you own the rights to that internet property. You can hold it online or offline, you can attach it to a website, you can sell it anytime you want.

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