On Choosing the Best Domain Name for your Site

This article was written by a friend. It provides excellent groundwork when deciding on domain names to purchase for either holding, hosting or selling!


Do you think you have a good Domain name in mind for your site?

Before you rush out to register it there are a several things you need to consider.

  • Are people looking for what you are offering?
  • What other words describe your site?
  • How competitive is your market?
  • Does the domain name describe your sites contents?
  • is the url memorable?

Existing Businesses

If you have an existing business you already have brand name recognition so its important to include your business name.

i.e. www.shopname.com

If that domain is taken then consider how people will search for your site. Most people will google something like (shop name) + (city) so  why not name it www.shopnamecity.com or www.shopname-city.com these domain names will almost certainly be available.

You may find that .net .us .org domain extensions are available beware of these extensions as people type .com automatically. You may wish to purchase these domains & forward to your main site.

Online Businesses

Very Important – Do people want what your selling?

Before you rush ahead & spend hours developing a site with no value think of 6 or more words that best describe your idea.

Go to Wordtracker (Its Free) & see how many people are searching those exact words. List your keywords by search volume.

Now you now know 2 things;

  1. Is this an idea worth pursuing?
  2. What words generated the most searches.

Obviously if  very few people are searching for your main keywords then this idea is not worth pursuing as an e-commerce business. Save your money & register for a free blog at www.blogger.com if you are really dedicated to the idea.

If your keywords have goog search volume you can move on.

Don’t worry about competition at this stage I will cover search engine optimization in competitive markets later, it is more important that there are allot of searches.

Armed with your keywords you are now ready to find the perfect domain name for your new business.

Write down some options using the most popular keyword or a mixture of your keywords. It is important to have a domain name that describes what the visitor will find.

A person searching the internet for  E-Commerce will click www.E-CommerceNewbie.com before  www.mywebsite.com

TIP – Hyphens as in E-Commerce are not generally a good idea however using Wordtracker you will find that more people search for E-Commerce than eCommerce.

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