The Top 3 Methods of Domain Name Investing

If you are new to the world of domain name investing, the notion can be confusing. If you are new to online income as well as domain name investing, the learning curve can be overwhelming! Add being a tad late to the game (I was 50 years old when I got started, I’m 53 now)… […]

On Choosing the Best Domain Name for your Site

This article was written by a friend. It provides excellent groundwork when deciding on domain names to purchase for either holding, hosting or selling!

=== Do you think you have a good Domain name in mind for your site?

WAIT! Before you rush out to register it there are a several things you need to […]

“Internet Real Estate”?

You’ll hear the term “Internet Real Estate” in the world of domain name investing. Internet Real Estate is simply another label for a Domain Name. For example,,,, are all domain names. They are also, separately and in a group, known as “internet real estate.”

Domain names are the most valuable commodity […]

Pay Per Click (PPC)

In order to fully appreciate and comprehend Domain Name Investing, you’ll need to have a quick grasp of the concept of Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model whereby an advertiser’s ads are seen on “host” sites. A host site can be:

a search engine results page […]

Yun Ye: The Master

How the Greatest Internet Visionary of our Times Makes Over 6-Figures A DAY

Please note: names were changed to protect the innocent! But you’ll see clearly how this whole idea works.

A few years ago, an Internet visionary named Yun Ye (he also goes under the alias Ultsearch) stumbled across the most ingenious traffic and […]