Fundamental Affiliate Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

A good number of merchants and affiliates alike regard affiliate marketing as a great method for achieving a steady and reliable income. However, not everyone who enters into the affiliate marketing business will achieve the success they desire. Affiliates and merchants both need to do their best to avoid the following affiliate marketing mistakes.

Learn and avoid the following:

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 1: Assuming a customer will notice and click on your link. 

Users must be enticed to click.  Advertising has become an integral and noticeable part of our daily lives.  Advertisers, including affiliate marketers, are finding it ever more difficult to succeed as consumers become more and more savvy.  They’re constantly bombarded by pop-ups, pop-unders, banner ads, sidebar ads and sponsored results.  Additionally, hyperlinks are everywhere – phone numbers have even become links on select handhelds.  All of this means a user is less likely than ever before to choose to click on a link unless they’re truly convinced to do so.  Before you do anything, you need to take your customer’s needs and wants into consideration.  Once you’ve determined the why, then determine how you’ll convince them to click on your link, from graphics to enticing copy.  Merchants should not do all of the heavy lifting.  It’s incumbent upon the affiliate marketer to put the user into a “buying mood” even before they click. 

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 2: Selling unsellable products or services.  An enticing link and a great product description can not save you if what you are selling isn’t what the customer is looking for. Additionally, if you are offered higher placement in the commission network on a lousy product and far lower placement on a popular or sellable product, do not let greed cloud your judgment. 

Affiliate Mistake #3 Falling behind on trends.  Continuing education is the key to a sustainable marketing campaign.  What worked yesterday isn’t guaranteed to win your customer’s favor tomorrow.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 4: Viewing affiliate marketing as a get-rich-quick scheme.  Affiliate marketing is a job and you’ll have to do your part to make it a successful business. If work is not what you’re looking to do, you should consider another road to riches.

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