Welcome to EquityDomain.com, online since January 2006.

Funny how life works.

Jackie and Ryan here, formerly in real estate in the U.K. (as in homes and land). In late 2005, our very successful 15-year-old real estate company fell victim to the housing bubble. We “lost our jobs” as easily as if we’d been downsized. After eight months without a paycheck, we came to the sickening conclusion we were going to have to re-invent ourselves at 50! It was terrifying: we have children and aging parents who depend on us.

Today, we are so grateful. Today, earning our living online, we enjoy a freedom we never imagined! In real estate, we worked insane hours, always on the phone, never at home, completely stressed out. Today, we work unbelievably short hours, at home, with our kids and our dog… life is good.

You can earn a living online, too. Here’s what you need: persistence. That’s it.

Learning the online game is like learning a new language: you will have moments of frustration… sometimes hair-pulling. So, what new venture doesn’t provides these “opportunities for growth”? Take a break, have a buchi, walk the dog and pick it up again. We can tell you, without hesitation, it’s worth your effort!

We dove right in: we bought a “how to” course on Domain Name Investing and went from there. You have several from which to choose in the top right column. Pick one and start reading. We bought and read several. (You don’t have to buy several, one of these will do nicely.) Pick the one that “speaks” to you and start there!

All of the products we sell on the site are instant download: you pay and you get! And they all come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no worries there!

You’ll find lots of good support information in the posts (top left column), too. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments below. You’ll give us inspiration for articles!

Happy Trails! It’s a whole new world out here – join us!

Ryan and Jackie